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Angela Morehead,
Executive Director,

Angela Morehead is the Executive Director of PreservingUS, Inc. Over the past 10 years, Angela has worked as an Administrator and Project Manager of multi-state affordable housing developments. Her expertise with the overall development of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit(LIHTC) and Historic Tax Credit(HTC) projects gives her a comprehensive perspective of affordable housing throughout the Midwest. She has assisted developers in generating over $20M dollars in equity from LIHTC and HTC allocations.

Angela worked as a Social Worker for over 15 years in the Iowa, Illinois, Kansas and Missouri. She understands the demand for housing and prospective residents who desire a safe and affordable place to call home. She has been successful in helping a number of developments receive over $2M in local, state, public and private funding sources. Angela is a graduate of Drake University.

Ryan Huffman,
Board Chairman,

Ryan Huffman is the Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Cohen-Esrey Communities, LLC. Huffman is responsible for the supervision of several District Managers within the multi-state management portfolio and actively engages in the strategic planning of approximately 12,000 apartment units in 9 states.

Huffman’s activities extend to monitoring and coordination of day-to-day corporate operations, financial performance review, budget review and approval, forecasting, client relations and strategic planning at the corporate level. Ryan is a cum laude graduate of the University of Missouri in Columbia.

Jenne Fromm,
Board Member,

Jenne Fromm is the Owner of Jenneink. Her expertise covers Training and Development, Facilitation, Executive Coaching , and Leadership Consulting. Her accomplishments are vast and inspiring. She has been the National Spokesperson for the Susan B. She is an Ironman Triathlete, Summited Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Ran with the Bulls in Spain, a Cancer Survivor, a Stepmom, and a Marathoner.

Jenne encourages people to discover new ways of thinking that will help them redirect their resources and energy to make substantial strides toward their ultimate goals. Jenne is a graduate of Taylor University with a BA in Biology.

Duane Bruce, J.D., LL.M,,
Board Member,
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Duane Bruce is the Assistant Regional Counsel of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. He has also served as the Acting Chief Counsel and Acting Civil Rights Attorney. Duane brings an impressive amount of board of directors experience to the PreservingUS Board of Directors. He has served as the National Sickle Cell Disease Association of America Board Chairman from 2009-2011, First Vice Chairman from 2006-2009 and Second Vice Chairman from 2004-2006.

Duane has been committed to community health initiatives and service to his community over the past 17 years. He has been involved with HIPAA Privacy Rule NPRM Comment Review Team, HHS Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology Medical Identity Theft Environmental Scan, OGC HIPAA Implementation Coordination Committee and OGC Health Information Technology Practice Group.

Duane is a devoted husband and father. Duane received his B.S from Tulane University, a Juris Doctorate from Northwestern University School of Law and LL.M. from DePaul University School of Law.

Dave Anderson
Board Member

Dave Anderson serves as a Business Developer for KBS Construction Consultants. Dave has an immeasurable ability to bring the local citizens and business developers together to impact economic expansion.

Dave served as the Mayor of DeSoto, Kansas from 2001 to 2013. His record of leading the city proved to be very effective to the growth of that community. He has continued to serve as an economic development consultant for the City of Desoto over the past 4 years. After serving the citizens of De Soto for 12 years, David decided to continue his career in the construction and development industry.

Dave had served as the Vice President of Multatech Architects and Engineers Kansas City Office being responsible for business development and brand awareness. From 2012-2015, Dave held the position of Resident Engineer for Construction Management of BNSF Logistics Park KC where he managed the $150,000,000 construction of intermodal facility. He served as the President of Construction Technologies, LLC and Founder/President of Service Technologies, LLC, both construction and maintenance entities of Cohen-Esrey in Kansas City as well as the Founder and President of Construction Project Managers(CPM), serving from 1983-2013. CPM is responsible for commercial and industrial general construction.

As a Business Developer for Cohen-Esrey Affordable Partners and Cohen-Esrey Equity Partners, Dave has brought a keen sense of awareness to the PreservingUS Board in identifying essential housing needs and economic growth in small to moderate townships and communities.

Dave received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Illinois in Civil Engineering in1979 and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Western Illinois University 1979. Dave enjoys spending time and making memories with his family. He is a dedicated, husband, father and grandfather.